My neighbour is kind of terrifying, I never really see him do anything except for staring out the window. Who he is? I don’t know. But he always gets his groceries out of his car suspiciously fast, just as if he doesn’t want to be seen. Whether I want to get to know him? Why? Why would I want to know my neighbour?


We no longer talk to each other. And whether it is because we are afraid or because we have simply become too lazy and rude for human contact, I do not know. When I walk down the street, people look at their phones instead of other people. No one says hello. No one even looks up. That worries me. Greatly. And that’s why I built a cathedral made of people to celebrate we, who look at each other. An anthem for mankind.

The floor plan of the cathedral, with people in their places. The dotted line is where an audience member would walk.


In order to bring people together, I knocked on a lot of doors from all sorts of people in the Maastricht neighbourhood of Blauwdorp, a neighbourhood known for its closed shutters and shy dog ​​owners. Many times the door was not even opened, sometimes the door was closed very quickly after I had told who I was and what I wanted to ask – but in the few cases, people stopped and asked me to come in, and a real conversation took place. With those people, the people who want to plea for contact, I built a smal, human cathedral. A place you can walk in, surrounded by encouraging smiles and face yourself.

A human cathedral was shown mid-February 2019 at the Toneelacademie Maastricht.