Together with fellow students of Toneelacademie Maastricht, I created ANTR’AKT in the summer of 2021. A magazine about theatre, visual arts and music from the hands of students from different art and drama schools in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The magazine includes interviews with creatives, retrospectives on work processes, conversations about current performances, and portraits of (beginning) artists. This all came from the desire to connect ourselves to other young artists and to be able to question the existing practice in a functional way. For me, ANTR’AKT is a platform to practice a written curatorship and enjoy language, in all its forms.

The first four published editions can be read digitally by clicking on the images above. Printed copies are also available through the Toneelacademie. ANTR’AKT is a collaboration of Constanze Müller, Max Gruson, Paulina Immig, Fleur Ummels, Varenka Theunynck, Michelle Verheij and myself.