In May 2017, I was in Brood en Spektakel, a performance a hundred young people about their ideals, dreams and failures, with the gigantic scenography of a cathedral and music for a choir of a hundred singers.


Brood en Spektakel is a performance by Timothy de Gilde and Marcus Azzini about the rebellious power of young people, who are set out to create a new world. It is the manifesto for the coming time, the words of a revolution.

Oostpool wrote the following about it: One hundred young people have set themselves the goal of taking life seriously. Someone has to do it. But how do you start something like that? How should the world be improved? What are the most important ideas and values? How can you build a new future? What should that future look like? Young people dream aloud of a world where everyone can be themselves. A place full of harmony, empathy and boundless imagination. Where you experience great romantic love. Where you write beautiful poems and create beautiful artworks. Get rid of all negativity, bitterness and long faces! Long live freedom!

In a real life game, young people fight for their biggest ideals. Those who do not convince enough supporters are out and will not go into the new world. But who is actually the leader of this group of freedom fighters? And what do we do with the weak? Gradually more and more young people fall out and the fairy tale clashes with reality.

Brood en Spektakel was at Schouwburg Arnhem in April 2017.