What if you are left in infinity? Einmana is a performance about an astronaut, a knight in space, who is abandoned by his earthly colleagues and thus left to the fate of eternal darkness and light.


In Einmana, a brave astronaut sets out on a journey to the moon in the Apollo twenty-six. When he arrives, all seems to be perfectly fine. But after a couple days of collecting special samples and doing research, the connection with the earth becomes worse and worse. And sadly, when it is already too late, our astronaut begins to realise that the moon is floating away. Trapped in infinite nothing, he gets a glimpse of the big unknown.


In Einmana, Just van Bommel, Ezra Koppejan and myself worked with an interaction between text, sound and a display of lights and shadows. All the poetry of the misery and marvel that the eternity of our universe brings, is brought back to a white flag on the icy surface of the moon, planted by the man who will never return to his home planet. The flag is then hoisted up and at night, when the moon has turned away from the sun, it becomes the canvas of the world of darkness and of wonder.

Einmana was shown at the Toneelacademie Maastricht at the end of February 2019.