In collaboration with Fashionclash Festival I made and played Multitudine, an opera in five languages ​​and in five minutes. It questions the masks of people and the amount of lies and appearances behind which our modern Western culture is hiding.


Together with my drama school class, I did a performance in a series of solos inspired by the book Orlando by Virginia Woolf. For me, the book is mostly about the masks we humans wear, about the different characters we play when we are near different people. We are completely different people near our mothers than near a colleague or a neighbour. And who are we when we are all alone? How do we relate to the world then? Especially in this digital age, in which it is becoming increasingly easier to filter yourself and to only put out what you think is good or beautiful, this is a subject to talk about.


From that multitude of different selves, I wrote Multitudine, in which a secluded essence of man peels off mask after mask and in doing so, comes closer to his core, with all the madness, fear and anger that that entails. I wrote the libretto for this short opera performance in Latin, German, Italian, English and Dutch. It was set in a chilly, empty space overlooking a beautiful, rainy flower garden.

Multitudine was shown during the Fashionclash weekend on 1, 2 and 3 November 2019 in Marres, the museum in Maastricht.