I feel, I feel something. Something stuck. I feel something stuck on my eyes. I feel something stuck on my eyes, on my nose. I feel on my eyes, my nose, I feel. I feel something stuck on my voice. I feel something stuck on my teeth, my tongue, my nose, my eyes. I feel stuck. I feel something. I implore you – I think I am plural.


In collaboration with Fashionclash Festival I wrote and performed Multitudine, an opera in five languages ​​and in five minutes, in which I question the masks I wear. The amount of personalities I wear depending on the people that surround me. And the masks of others and how they clash and break when interacting.

All this came from reading Orlando by Virginia Woolf. For me, this utterly brilliant must read is about the strength that is required to keep developing your own character. To question who you are when you are alone and how that changes through time, and ultimately through the spaces we find ourselves in.

And in questioning those different selves, these sets of people within, I wrote Multitudine, in which a secluded essence of person peels off mask after mask and in doing so, comes closer to his core, with all the madness, fear and anger that that entails. I wrote the libretto for this short opera performance in Latin, German, Italian, English and Dutch. It was set in a chilly, empty space overlooking a beautiful, rainy flower garden.

Multitudine was shown during the Fashionclash weekend on 1, 2 and 3 November 2019 in Marres museum in Maastricht.