After reading Dante’s Divine Comedy and Een Helle- en Hemelvaar by Jacques Perk, I wrote my own journey to inferno in poetry.


Where Dante chose a narrative form with many references to religion, Perk stayed close to his own feelings. I aimed for a combination of the two: Dante’s large, cinematic stories with Perk’s small, yet passionate poetry. In doing so, I disregarded every form of religion and death. My inferno circles around a man; an individual who travels from a rich, meaningful life to a land in which emptiness is emperor. It is the journey to the utmost apathy.


After the opening poem The Seven Stairs to Silence, seven English poems follow and with every word, ‘mankind’ comes closer to losing everything that makes it human. Every poem, and with it every stair tread, describes a phase towards apathy. The very last stanza captures the philosophy behind this project: when a soul is completely incapable of love, it has reached the deepest depth of hell.

To accompany the texts, I made dark illustrations of black ink. The book was exhibited in an art installation in the bare space of an office building.

The Seven Stairs to Silence was exhibited in April 2017 in Doetinchem.