I am many a thing. For now, on this platform, I am a storyteller. A creator and builder. An artist, if you will.

The stories I tell take the forms that shape them best. That can vary enormously, from performances and documentaries to radio plays and compositions, and that makes my work diverse and multidisciplinary. In short: I write, I act, I direct, I perform, I craft, I compose, I sing, I paint, I roam the streets and I pluck at the strings of my violin until I’ve figured where my next adventure is taking me. Currently, I am in my third year of drama school studies at Toneelacademie Maastricht. Besides theatre, performance and film, I immerse myself in visual arts, music and writing.


Stories are all around us. It is what drives us and takes us from one place to another. But, what most of us have not yet come to see, is that the greatest story all, is the one we live together. We, and everything that surrounds us, are the one story worth telling. So, as an artist, all I do, is observe, you, me, them, they, and tell you what I’ve seen in the people that I’ve encountered. It makes human nature is the ultimate core of all I create.

I want people to think for themselves. To stand up for themselves. To value themselves and to be brave in a world that requires courage. I want to empower and to amplify whatever is already burning under our skin. The arts, to me, are a search for a small unseen flame and a reason to give it the impulse to burn brightly.

And art is imperative. Especially now, for my generation, in an age of hoarding information, of tiny attention spans, of opinionated influencing voices who find their way to your mind faster than they’ve ever done before. Social media and the digitalization of everything around us is replacing genuine conversation with shallowness and anonymity, while hashtags are meant to shape our emotions and thoughts. We buy, and we buy, and we buy to fill the void that we’ve created for ourselves. We are enslaved to our image. We are numb in our privilege. All sense of morality has been neglected. And we like it that way. We watch our series, and we game, we drink. We’ll let the world fall away until we forget. And now, we have forgotten. We remain quiet because we do not remember how to speak. We hesitate because we do not dare to make decisions. Life passes us by as if it were never lived. Where is our authenticity? Our courage? Our truth?

Through my work, I want to remind us, and myself, that we are a part of something larger than the world we’ve created. Human nature. And if I tell them right, these stories might make you feel for yourself, think for yourself, act by yourself. They might bring you courage, value and perhaps even, the authenticity to see another side of things. As they have brought me, many, many times. 


Music is of great importance in my creative process and in the actual works itself. Everything I create originated in a score, in poetry and melody. Language and linguistics have always fascinated me greatly, for what sound and definition can do to strengthen and counteract each other. I love to incorporate their complexity to add to the motion of a piece. That also means that I direct by listening. When the music of the language, of the movement, of the whole, is played, I start to hear a meaning.


Ideally, the worlds I create flourish best in the imagination of the audience. I believe that especially for adults, our imagination should be trained and cherished, and I try to play my part in that. To do so, I aim to explore all sorts of possibilities within the performative spectrum, with an emphasis on the sensory. That sensibility can be found in smell, in colour, in materials, in sound, in sight and in image. To me, it makes a story tangible and therefore inescapable.


Whenever something happens that was not supposed to happen, patterns break. Systems fall. Chaos rises from its depths and whatever happens, could potentially become of the greatest beauty. Chaos and adventure, I think, are an inescapable asset in every piece of art I make and it can show itself in many, many different ways. In broken sentences, in rawness, in the unusual. Where something pinches, there’s drama.The unpredictable and imperfect, to me, are of far greater value than the polished throne that art often endeavors to be.