Sinking ships at the end of night. Sail on, sail on. Until you see the other light, then you are found. Compassless, two siblings walk to the edges of reality, passing not only their own poetic dreams, but also their most frightful nightmares. Sticking together has never been more important than in this dreary no man’s land.

Some other kind of dread is a picture book I made. A story of wandering. It takes place in a dream world of black and white. Of the two traveling siblings, She is hopeful and leads, wanting to prove that the night can be beautiful if you let your eyes get used to her darkness. And He is younger. Caring, but melancholic. Fearful, but with great faith in She. He is looking for a new morning.


For me, Some other kind of dread questions widespread loneliness, our collective no man’s land. A theme that has grown and will remain close to us even after the pandemic. Though, next to all that uncertainty, I wanted to show the beauty of that place as well, the potential of a black night sky, and the joy of walking under it with a loved one. In the end, it is a plea for connection and love.

I made Some other kind of dread during my third year at Toneelacademie Maastricht, in early 2021.